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Acculynx Ironworks North Beloit WI

(nearly 20,000 s.f. workplace renovation)
The Consortium ae LLC was retained by Hendricks Commercial Properties to renovate an existing 17,600 square foot top floor location within the former Beloit Corp industrial facility as part of the overall Ironworks redevelopment project. Acculynx is a CRM provider to the roofing industry and currently located in the Ironworks redevelopment but have outgrown their current space. Hendricks Commercial Properties worked hard to retain Acculynx within the Beloit development. The project uses extensive amounts of daylighting and limited closed rooms with the integration of the Ironworks industrial feel. Cae re-established approximately 2,200 of former storage mezzanine structure as an area for alternative work spaces, huddle areas and mechanical equipment. Relocation for Acculynx will occur in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

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